Dr. Imtiyaz A Parvez

Born on August 18, 1968 in Varanasi.

Principal Scientist

CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute (Formerly CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and
Computer Simulation (CSIR-4PI)
N.A.L. Belur Campus
Wind Tunnel Road, Bangalore - 560 037, India.

Tel: +91-80-25051357 (O)
Tel: +91-80-41133929 (R), 09449816469 (M)
Fax: +91-80-25220392
E-mail: parvez@csir4pi.in
Internet: http://www.csir4pi.in/~parvez

Research Interests

  • Earthquake Hazard Assessment; Probabilistic and Deterministic Approach.

  • Microzonation in Megacities and Large Urban Areas.

  • Attenuation of Strong Motion Amplitudes (Peak ground Acceleration and Velocity).

  • Earthquake Source Mechanism Study and Waveform Modeling.

  • Coda Q attenuation, separation of intrinsic absorption and scattering attenuation.