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Given below is a partial list indicative of students projects. Scientists in CSIR 4PI should be directly contacted to find out more about their research programs and problems suitable for student projects
Tentative Title/Area of the Project Guide E-mail ID

New computational methods to study the structural/mechanical behaviours carbon nanotube and graphene sheetsenthil at csir4pi.in

Multiscale modelling of nanotube/graphene with meshfree methods/molecular dynamics simulations senthil at csir4pi.in

Parallel programming for efficient computational methods/mathematical algorithmssenthil at csir4pi.in

Atomistic-to-continuum modelling in solid structuressenthil at csir4pi.in

Nonlinear Problem Solving Methodologiessenthil at csir4pi.in

Understanding regional climate change and impact assessmentramesh at csir4pi.in

Climate change and sustainability analysisramesh at csir4pi.in

Modelling climate impact on economy ramesh at csir4pi.in

Modelling climate impact on health ramesh at csir4pi.in

Modelling climate impact on Agriculture ramesh at csir4pi.in

Modelling climate impact on ecosystem ramesh at csir4pi.in

Development of Application Responder for Internet worm payload extraction anil at csir4pi.in

Unsolicited network traffic analysis and characterization anil at csir4pi.in

Can we slow-down Internet worm propagation ? anil at csir4pi.in

Development of Linux Kernel modules for detection of TCP acknowledgment spoofing anil at csir4pi.in

Distributed low-rate cyber attack simulation and impact quantification anil at csir4pi.in

Design of Key exchange using weak interactions gkpatra at csir4pi.in

Cryptanalysis of public key cryptographic methods gkpatra at csir4pi.in

Modelling and simulation of ground motion for seismic hazard assessment parvez at csir4pi.in

Lithosphere Modelling using Receiver Function Analysis parvez at csir4pi.in

Earthquake Hazard quantification in GIS platform parvez at csir4pi.in

Site-specific seismic hazard and microzonation using microtremor data parvez at csir4pi.in

Attenuation and scattering of seismic waves parvez at csir4pi.in

Great earthquakes, Earthquake deformation cycles and associated mechanismsearnest at csir4pi.in

Volcano geodesy - deformational mechanisms earnest at csir4pi.in

Spatio-temporal variations in Earth's gravityearnest at csir4pi.in

Web 2.0 based Content management systems (CMS) - modules development earnest at csir4pi.in