History of CSIR C-MMACS computing resources

The High Performance Computing history of C-MMACS can be traced back 1994, when the centre established 2 CPU Convex C 3820, a parallel, vector supercomputer capable of delivery about half a Giga FLOPS computing power. Since then the computing facility at C-MMACS has been growing exponentially. Noticeably, in 2008, C-MMACS established the largest shared memory system in the country, which has 288 processor cores of computing elements under a single instance of Linux Operating System. Later, in the middle of 2010, the facility was further augmented with a distributed memory system consisting of 1152 processor cores with a peak compute power of 13.5 TFLOPS, which is currently listed as the 7th fastest supercomputers in the country. In order to meet the growing computational needs of CSIR, the distributed memory system was further upgraded to 2304 cores with a peak compute power of 27 TFLOPS. Currently, CSIR C-MMACS is in the process of establishing a world class supercomputing facility, which is expected to be the fastest in the country.

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