C-MMACS encourages young and ambitious students to pursue excellence in science through a number of programmes:

A. Summer / Winter Projects:

Students are welcome to carryout their B.E. / M.Sc. / M.Tech students' projects at C-MMACS. Please note that only two batches of students are taken every year:

Summer Batch: February to September, or anypart thereof (minimum 2 months)
Winter Batch: August to February, or anypart thereof (minimum 2 months)

The students have to apply at least two months in advance of commencement of each batch for consideration of their application. Application should consist of

(a) Covering letter addressed to Convener, Training Programmes, C-MMACS, preferably identifying the scientist with whom they would like to work (please consult our homepage).

(b) Copies of Marksheets, Experience certificate etc. along with details of courses taken in the current degree programme.

(c) Copy of Certificate from the Head of the Institution.

Please do not send originals along with your applications. In case a group of students applying together, it should be mentioned in the covering letter.

Students will be informed of their acceptance well in advance; interm inquiries are not encouraged. However, students may contact individual scientists to explore/feasibility of projects to be undertaken.

Please consult list of available Students Projects in our home page.

All applications should be sent to:

Technical Secretariat
C-MMACS, NAL Belur campus
Bangalore 560 037


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