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28. Call for Express of Interest for HIGH-END VISUALIZATION SYSTEM
Submission of Technical Proposal EoI: 14th December 2012 by 11:00 hrs

27. Procurement of NAS with Tape Backup Solution
A Pre-bid Conference will be held on 08-02-2012 at 1030 hrs (IST)
Last date for submission of Bids on 01-03-2012 upto 1630 hrs(IST)

Pre-bid proceedings and clarifications

26. Augmentation of CSIR Climate Observation and Modelling Network (COMoN)
A Pre-bid Conference will be held on : 10-02-2012
Last date for submission of Bids on 02-03-2012 upto 1430 hrs(IST)

Proceeding of the Pre-Bid Confernece held on February 10, 2012 vide Tender No./CM/Pur/2K11/029 - Augmentation of CSIR Climate Observation and Modelling Network (COMoN)

25. Call for Expression of Interest (EoI) for the Development of a State-of-the-art
      Petascale Apex High Performance Computing System for CSIR C-MMACS

Due date for Submission of RIS Extended upto 07 March 2012 (latest by 16:00 hrs)

24. Call for "Expression of Interest" (EOI) for the Supply of High Performance Computing (HPC) Server, Storage and Datacenter
Last date for downloading or collecting benchmarks : 25th November 2011
Last date for submission of EOI document along with benchmark results : 8th December 2011

23.  Tender Document for Supply,Installation,Testing and Commissioning of HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SERVER
Last date to collect benchmark model: 20th January 2011
Submitting the benchmark results: 2nd February 2011 (12:00 hrs)
Pre-bid meeting: 17th February 2011 (10:00 hrs)

22.  Purchase of LINUX Workstations
Due date and time for submission of Bids : 28-12-2010 up to 16:30 hrs (IST)
Opening of Bids : 29-12-2010 at 14:00 hrs (IST)

21.  Industrialization of Weather Forecast and Services
Last date Pre-Bid queries: 24-07-2010
Response to Pre-Bid queries: 28-07-2010
Last date for submission of Bids : 04-08-2010 (up to 4:00 pm)

20.  Inviting Tender for "Digital Data Acquisition System to be be used by Lennartz LE-3D/5s seismometer"
Last date and time for submission of Bids: 08-07-2010 up to 1630 hours(IST)
Opening of Technical Bids: 09-07-2010 at 1100 hours(IST)

19.  Revised Tender for "Industrialization of Monsoon Informatics and Forecast"
Please see the compilled and response to pre-bid queries for "Industrialization of Monsoon Informatics and Forecast"
Last date for submission of bid: 30-06-2010

18.  Supply and installation of integrated simulation, visualization and data projection system. Tender due on 12th January 2010

17.  Clarification in reference to Pre-bid conference on 17-12-2009 on cloud seeding tender

16.  Cloud Seeding Tender
Tender due on 7th January 2010

15.  Clarification in reference to Pre-bid conference on 21-12-2009 on HPC tender

14.  Tender for High Performance Computing System
Pre-bid conference on 21 December 2009; Tender due on 21 January 2010
Extended date:- The due date for submission of bids has been extended to 28-1-2010 upto 1600hrs(IST) and the bids shall be opened on 29-1-2010 at 1030hrs(IST)

13.  Co-development, supply, operation, maintenance and marketing of Ground based Cloud seeding systems through Industrial Participation
Last date 07-01-2010

12.  Supply of Computer / Simulation Work Modules
Last date 24-10-2008

11.  Invitation for bids for Campaign Mode Survey Grade GPS Systems
Last date 04-11-2008

10.  (a). Digital Data Acuisition System, and (b). Broad Seismometers
Last date 29-08-2008

9.  Supply of Multi-layer Geomorphological and Geospatial Data with Utilities for Interfacing with
    Multi-format Hydro-meteorological Data from Model and Observation

Last date 30-05-2008

8.  Campaign Mode GPS System
Last date 20-11-2007

7.  (a) Multifunctional Digital Black & White System
     (b) Multifunctional Color Digital System

Last date 20-08-2007

6.  Supply and errection of modular workstations
Last date 09-04-2007

5.  Supply of GPS Receiver and Antenna
Last date 14-12-2006

4.  Multifunctional Device(Printer, Scaner and Copier)
Last date 11-12-2006

3.  Pentium D Based Desktop Systems
(Download the tender Document)
Last date 11-12-2006

2.  Proposed Specification of Sensors for 32 mts Meterological Observation Tower
   (Additional Information)

1.  Tender Document for Installation of Instrumented Meterological Observation Tower
Last date 16-10-2006

Updated on 16 December, 2012

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