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                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2012

RR CM 1201
C-MMACS Long-range High Resulation Forecasintg of Monsoon
P Goswami and K C Gouda
June 2102

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2011

RR CM 1101
Generation of Skilful Forecasts at Station Scale through Objective Bias Correction Multiple side Evaluation
Goswami P and Mallick S
February 2011
RR CM 1102
Operational Real Time Quantitative Rainfall Forecasts at Hobli-Level over Karnataka State
P Goswami, V Rakesh, G K Patra and V S Praksh
July 2011

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2010

RR CM 1001
Development of an Object-Oriented Finite Element Code for Metal Working Analysis
Surendra Kumar
March 2010
RR CM 1002
Use of Unsymmetric Finite element Method in Impact Analysis of Composite Laminates
Surendra Kumar
March 2010

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2009

RR CM 0901
Object-Oriented Finite Element Programming for Engineering Analysis in C++
Surendra Kumar
June 2009
RR CM 0903
Analysis of Impact Response and Damage in Laminated Composite Shell by Finite Element Method Involving Large Deformation and Material Degradation
Surendra Kumar
September 2009
RR CM 0904
Finite Element Analysis of Impact Response and Damage in Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shell Panels Undergoing Large Deformation
Surendra Kumar
September 2009

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2008

RR CM 0801
Equatorial Warming, Black Carbon Induced Cooling and the Stability of the Indian Summer Monsoon
K V Ramesh and P Goswami
January 2008
RR CM 0802
C-MMACS Long-range, High-resolution Forecasting of Monsoon Rainfall: Forecast Configuration and Multi-scale Evaluation of 2007 Monsoon
P Goswami, K C Gouda and K V Ramesh
January 2008
RR CM 0804
Three-dimesnsional Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Impact Response and Damage in Laminated Composite Shells
Surendra Kumar
September 2008

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2007

RR CM 0701
Impact of Size and Coverage of the Model Domain on the Simulation of Meso-Scale Events
S Himesh and P Goswami
January 2007
RR CM 0702
Damages from Earthquake in Restricted Areas are not Necessarily Related to Local Site Amplifications: Site response Evaluation from Ambient Variation H/V in Anjar (India)
Jean Luc Chatelain, Imtiyaz A Parvez and Bertrand Guillier
February 2007

RR CM 0703
Extreme Rainfall Events: Vulnerability Analysis of Disaster Management and Observation System Design
P Goswami and K V Ramesh
March 2007

RR CM 0704
Coda Q estimates on the Andaman Islands using Local Earthquakes
Imtiyaz A Parvez, M Mridula , S K Mishra and S S Rai
April 2007

RR CM 0705
Dynamics of a Periodically Forced Sphere in a Quiescent Fluid at Low Reynolds Number
K Madhukar, R Priya , I S Shivakumar and T R Ramamohan
April 2007

RR CM 0706
Performance of Nutrient Uptake Kinetics in the Arabian Sea Test-bed Framework based on JGOFS and Buoy Data
M K Sharada, P S Swathi and K S Yajnik
April 2007

RR CM 0707
Mesh Distortion, Locking and the use of Metric Trial Functions for Displacement Type Finite Elements
Surendra Kumar and Gangan Prathap
April 2007

RR CM 0708
The Expanding Indian Desert: Evidence from a Weighted Epochal Trend Ensemble Analysis
P Goswami and K V Ramesh
June 2007

RR CM 0709
The Shrinking Indian Summer Monsoon
K V Ramesh and P Goswami
June 2007

RR CM 0710
Making Sense of the Quadrilateral Area Coordinate Membrane Elements
G Prathap and V Senthilkumar
June 2007
RR CM 0711
Objective Determination of the Date of Onset Monsoon Rainfall over India based on Duration of Persistance
P Goswami and K C Gouda
June 2007

RR CM 0712
Relatives Roles of Large and Small Scales on Simulation of Mesoscale Events
P Goswami, Himesh and B S Goud
June 2007

RR CM 0713
Improved Forecasting of Trophical Cyclone Intensity using Multigrid Ensemble with a Global Circulation Model
P Goswami, K C Gouda and Kavita R
October 2007

RR CM 0714
Advance Forecasting of Onset, Duration and Hourly Fog Intensity over Delhi
P Goswami and A Tyagi
November 2007

RR CM 0715
Evidence of some Determinism in Microtremor Data
Vikas Krishnia, T R Ramamohan, Imtiaz A Parvez
November 2007

RR CM 0716
Evaluation of a Dynamical Basis for Advance Forecasting of Date of Onset of Monsoon Rainfall over India
P Goswami and K C Gouda
October 2007

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2006

RR CM 0601
Field-consistency Aspects of Locking in a Geometrically Non-linear Beam Formulation
R Murali and G Prathap
July 2006

RR CM 0602
Evaluation and Analysis of NCEP Rainfall with High-resolution Observation
P Goswami and K V Ramesh
August 2006
RR CM 0603
Seasonal Anomaly Decomposition: A new Diagnostic Method for Semi-annual Periodicity in the Indian Ocean
K S Yajnik, M K Sharada, P S Swathi
November 2006
                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2005

RR CM 0501
Mesh Distortion Immunity of Finite Elements and the Best-fit Paradiagm
G Prathap, V Senthilkumar, S Manju

February 2005

RR CM 0502
A Function Space Approach to Study Rank Deficiency and Spurious Modes in Finite Element
K Sangeeta, S Mukherjee, G Prathap
February 2005

RR CM 0503
Inhibitory Effect of Ammonium on the Uptake by Phytoplankton : A Comparative Study of Six Mathematical Models
M K Sharada, K S Yajnik
March 2005

RR CM 0504
Mathematical Modelling of Bio-geochemical Cycles in Bay of Bengal
P S Swathi, M K Sharada, C Kalyani Devasena, K S Yajnik
March 2005

RR CM 0505
Upper Ocean Thermal Structure Simulations and Comparisons with Observational for
the years 2001 to 2003 Under BOBPS Programme
C Kalyani Devasena, P S Swathi, M K Sharada
March 2005

RR CM 0506
The Unsymmetric Finite Element Formulation and Variational Incorrectness
G Prathap, S Manju, V Senthilkumar
June 2005

RR CM 0507
Influence of Source Distance on Site-effects in Delhi City
Imtiyaz A Parvez, Franco Vaccari, Giuliano F Panza
June 2005

RR CM 0508
An Isotrophic Numerical Scheme for Simulation of Turbulence
Anand Kumar
December 2005

RR CM 0509
Embedded Implicit Runge-Kutta Nystrum Method for Solving Second Order Differential Eqautions
S O Imoni, F O Otunta T R Ramamohan
June 2005

RR CM 0510
Multiple Solutions of Order Conditions for Runge-Kutta Nystrum Method for Solving Second Order Differential Eqautions : Diagonally Implicit Method
S O Imoni, F O Otunta T R Ramamohan
June 2005

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2004

RR CM 0401
Mathematical Modelling of Biogeochemical Cycles in the Indian Ocean
M K Sharada, P S Swathi, K S Yajnik

March 2004

RR CM 0402
Simulation of Upper Ocean Thermal Structure at the WHOI Arabian Sea Mooring Site
P S Swathi, C Kalyani Devasena
March 2004

RR CM 0403
The Mode shapes and Natural Frequencies of Timoshenko Beams
P Jafarali, Mohammed Ameen* and Somanath Mukherjee**
June 2004

RR CM 0404
Estimation of Coda Waves Attenuation for NW Himalyan region using local Earthquakes
Naresh Kumar, Imtiyaz A Parvez, H S Virk
September 2004

RR CM 0405
Review of Chaos in the Dynamics and Rheology of Suspensions of Orientable
Particles in Simple Shear Flow Subject to an External Periodic Force
K Asokan, C V Anil Kumar, J Desan, K Radhakrishnan, K Satheesh Kumar, T R Ramamohan
October 2004

RR CM 0406**
Analysis and Detection of TCP Based Denial-of-Service Attacks to Edge Network
V Anil Kumar, Dorgham Sisalem
November 2004

RR CM 0407
Shift in Location of SST Maximum and the Puzzle of EL-Nino Monsoon Association
P Goswami and P Rajeevan
November 2004

RR CM 0408
Management-by-Stress Model of Finite Element Computation
G Prathap and S Mukherjee
December 2004

         **  Please contact Author for further Details

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2003

RR CM 0301
The Bayesian Probabilistic Earthquake Hazard Assessment in the     
North-East Indian Peninsula
Imtiyaz A Parvez,  Praveena Gaddam
January 2003

RR CM 0302
Advance Forecasting of Tropical Cyclone with GCM: Track Hindcasting
P Goswami,  A Mandal,  H C Upadhyaya,  Fredric Hourdin
February 2003

RR CM 0303
Evaluation of Six Relations of Kinetics of Uptake by Phytoplankton in Multi-nutrient       
Environment Using JGOFS Experimental Results
M K Sharada,  K S Yajnik,  P S Swathi
May 2003

RR CM 0304
A Variational Basis for Error Analysis in Finite Element Elastodynamic Problems
Somenath Mukherjee,  P Jafarali,  G  Prathap
May 2003

RR CM 0305
Generalization of the Projection Theorem for Finite Element Analysis
K Sangeeta,  S Mukherjee, and  G  Prathap
May 2003

RR CM 0306
Studies on Variational Correctness of Finite Element Elastodynamics of some Plate Elements
R Muralikrishna and  G  Prathap
July 2003

RR CM 0307
Analysis on Implementation and its further Improvements of AKS Class Algorithm
G K Patra and Vibhor Bhatt
August 2003

RR CM 0308**
Long-range, High-resolution Forecast of Monsoon Rainfall
P Goswami and A Mandal
August 2003

RR CM 0309**
Variational Correctness and Timoshenko Beam Finite Element Elastodynamics
P Jafarali, S Mukherjee, G Prathap
November 2003

RR CM 0310
Seismic Microzonation: Methodology and Approach
Imtiyaz A Parvez
November 2003

                       RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2002

RR CM 0201  Ammonium  Inhibition of  Nitrate Uptake : Implications of  Recent  Experiments on Modelling
Kirit S Yajnik,  M K Sharada
February 2002.

RR CM 0202
Isotropic Averaging  for Cell Dynamical  System  Simulation of Spinodal  Decomposition
Anand Kumar
March 2002

RR CM 0203
Site-Specific  Microzonation  Study in  Delhi  Metropolitan  City  by 2-D  Modelling of  SH
and P-SV Waves
I A Parvez,  Franco Vaccari*,  G F Panza*
* Dept. Of Earth Sciences, University of Trieste Via E Weiss 4, 34127, Italy
April 2002

RR CM 0204
Variational Correctness in  Finite  Element  Solutions through Reduced  Integration
Somenath Mukherjee,  Gangan Prathap
May 2002

RR CM 0205
Growth  Patterns of  Roads Vehicle Populations in India
T R Krishna Mohan,  K S Yajnik
July 2002

RR CM 0206
Contact  Areas  Distributions  between Two Rough Surfaces
T R Krishna Mohan
July 2002

RR CM 0207
Analysis of one-dimensional  Finite  Elements  using  the  Function Space Approach
P Jafarali,  S Mukherjee*
*Structures Division, NAL, Bangalore
November 2002

RR CM 0208**
GPS Derived  Velocity and  Deformation in the  Indian  Sub-continent
Sridevi Jade
December 2002

RR CM 0209**
Style of Deformation and Convergence Rates across the Western  Himalaya in Ladakh
Sridevi Jade,  B C Bhat*,  M B Ananda,  Dileep Kumar,  V K Gaur
*IIA, Ladakh
December 2002

         **  Please contact Author for further Details


 RR CM 0101** Equivalent Continuum Analysis of Jointed Rock
Sridevi Jade, T G Sitharam, N Shimuzu
January 2001

 RR CM 0102** Characterization of Strength and Deformation of Jointed Rock Mass Based on
Statistical Analysis
Sridevi Jade, T G Sitharam
January 2001

 RR CM 0103
An Isotropic Numerical Scheme for Spinodal Decomposition
Anand Kumar
July 2001

 RR CM 0104
A Symmetry Scheme for Amino Acids Codons
Janaki Balakrishnan
August 2001

 RR CM 0105
Strong Motion Amplitudes in Himalayas and Deterministic Approach towards First Order
Microzonation Studies in a Part of Delhi City
Imtiyaz A Parvez, G F Panza, A A Gusev, F Vaccari
September 2001

 RR CM 0106
Analysis of Delayed Convergence in the Three Noded Timoshenko Beam Element using the
Function Space Approach
S. Mukherjee, G. Prathap
September 2001

        **  Please contact Author for further Details

                         RESEARCH REPORTS FOR THE YEAR 2000

RR CM 0001
Extra-Variational Simplifications in Finite Element Formulations of Geometric
Non-linear Vibration Problems
G Prathap and S R Marur
 August 2000

RR CM 0002
Multi-Dimensional Finite-Difference Formulae
Anand Kumar
August 2000

RR CM 0003
Active Vibration Control of Composite Sandwich Beams with Distributed Piezoelectric
Extension Bending and Shear Actuators
S Raja, G Prathap and P K Sinha
September 2000

RR CM 0004
The Finite Element Solution to a Boundary Value Dirichlet Problem and The "Best-Fit" Pardigm
Dr. Gangan Prathap and Somanath Mukherjee
November 2000

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