92 Numerical Solution of PDE's Posed on Unbounded Domains
on 14th June, 2012
91 On the use of Information Theoretic Algorithms for Energy Minimization and Related Tasks
on 7th June, 2012
90 Preliminary results from Diapycnal and Isopycnal Mixing Experiment in the Southern Ocean(DIMES):
Dispersion in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current(ACC)

on 22nd May, 2012
89 Monsoon Sensitivity to Aerosol Radiative Forcing
on 3rd May, 2012
88 Dominant Response of Sea Surface Temperature in a Warming World
on 12th April, 2012
87 The Journey of C-MMACS HPC Platform
on 29nd March 2012
86 Frugal Innovation in Healthcare for the BoP
on 22nd March 2012
85 The Dynamics and Rheology of Periodically Forced Particles in Fluid at Low Reynolds Number on 15th March 2012
84 Serrated Flow in Nanotether Formation from Vesicles
on 23rd February 2012
83 MS Project 2010
on 16thth February 2012
82 On some Critical Aspects of Numerical Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation on 14th February 2012
81 Theoretical Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Multiphase Flows
on 9th February 2012
80 Tectonics, Structure and Topography of the Outer Himalyan Belt
on 19th January 2012
78 Shear velocity structure across the Central Himalayas
on 12th January 2012
77 Seismic Hazard Assessment in the Indian Subconteinent
on 6th February 2012
77 Real Time Quantitative Rainfall Forecasts at Hoblim-Level over Karnatka: Evaluation for the the Winter Monsoon 2010
on 22nd Decmeber 2011
76 A Comparative Evaluation of Impact of Domain Size and Parameterization Scheme on simulation of Tropical Cyclones
on 15th December 2011
75 Analysis and Alleviation of Pull-in Instability in Electrostatic Microactuators
on 24th November 2011
74 Network Design for Greenhouse Gas Measurments - Part I : The Flux Inversion Problem
on 17th November 2011
73 A Network Approach to understanding Earthquake Phenomenon using Correlated Earthquake
on 3rd November 2011
72 Preservation of Positivity in Mesoscale Chemical Kinetics
on 20th October 2011
71 Coupling between interannual fluctuations of mixed layer properties and plankton biomass using global ocean model simulations and remote sensing data
on 13th October 2011
70 Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann simulation of buoyancy-driven flow of two immiscible fluids in an inclined channel
on 29th Septmeber 2011
69 Computing Network in Chemestry and Biology
on 15th Septmeber 2011
68 Dynamical Climate Downscaling for Tropical Regions of Australia and Neighbouring Countries
on 13th Septmeber 2011
67 An Introduction to Homotopy Analysis Method
on 8th Septmeber 2011
66 Fast Algorithms in Computational Physics
on 25th August 2011
65 Moore's Law to Many Core: Application Scaling for the Next Decade
on 19th August 2011
64 Long time coherence and the Generalized Master Equation Theory
on 28th July 2011
63 Modelling Infectious Diseases: A study based on Malaria Incidence Data
on 6th July 2011
62 Newton's Cradle, the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem and the Nonlinear Many Body Physics Frontier
on 29th June 2011
61 Solving Boolean Equations: Applications to Cryptanalysis
on 14th June 2011
60 The Dynamics and Rheology of Periodically Forced Suspensions in Simple Shear Flow
on 9th June 2011
59 The Dynamics and Rheology of Periodically Forced Particles in a Newtonian Fluid at Low Reynolds Numbers
on 2nd June 2011
58 Challenges on Scientific Database Management System
on 26th May 2011
57 Crustal Deformation and Seismic History: A Perspective from the AndamanNicobar Islands
on 28th April 2011
56 Numerical simulation of buried dislocations from GPS derived displacement fields
on 21st April 2011
55 A Dynamical Model for Agricultural Self-Sustainability in a Changing Climate: Application to India
on 31th March 2011
54 Food sustainability in the changing climate over India
on 17th March 2011
53 An Air Pollution Model for Delhi Driven by GCM Derived Fields
on 10th March 2011
52 Improved Skill for Track and Intensity Forecasting of Tropical Cyclone through Objective Bias Correction
on 3rd March 2011
51 The Development of a Comprehensive Air Pollution Model: the Acid Deposition and Oxidant Model (ADOM)
on 24th February 2011
50 Modelling of Marine Biogeochemical Cycles in the Indian Ocean
on 17th February 2011
49 Robust Estimation of CO2 Fluxes from Temperate Asia
on 10th February 2011
48 Simulation of Spread and Control of Lesions in Brain
on 27th January 2011
47 Mesh Distortion Immunity of Finite Elements
on 20th January 2011
46 Particle dynamics in a turbulent particle-gas suspension at high Stokes number
on 13th January 2011
45 The MRI-NHM Meso-scale Model: Features and Performance
on 25th March 2009
44 Estimation of ground motion in Mexico City and Delhi, two mega cities and Subducted Cocos plate below Guerrero:
New results and their implications

on 20th March 2009
43 Syncronization Phenomena in Geophysical Time Series and Bayesian Estimates of Seismic hazard an India
on 13th March 2009
42 Earthquake Hazard Assessment using GIS Technology
on 13th March 2009
41 Polaronic Effects in Low-dimensional System and Modelling of Nanostructures
on 22nd January 2009
40 Reduced Equatorial Internal Wave-Breaking and the Pecific Subtrophical Cell
on 05 December 2008
39 Trigger Effect of Existential Variability of Atmospheric Circulation in Occurrence of Earthquakes
on 30th October 2008
38 Study of the Flow of and Deposition from Turbidity Currents
on 22nd September 2008
37 Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for the Internet
on 06th August 2008
36 Quantitative Network Design for Inverse Problems: A case Study for the Atmosphere
on 13th February 2008
35 An Inconvenient Truth (By DVD Video Presentation)
on 14th Decmeber 2007
34 Grid Computation Using Mathematica software
on 13th December 2007
33 Identification of Pollutation emissions from satellite observations
on 15th October 2007
32 Inhibitory Effect of Ammonium on the Nitrate Uptake by Phytoplankton: A Comparative Study of Six Mathematical Models
on 11th April 2005
31 Mathematical Modelling of Biogeochemical Cycles in Bay of Bengal
on 11 April 2005
30 Modelling Denitrification in the Arabian Sea
on 20th January 2005
29 Biogeochemical Modelling of C and N In Marine Systems
on 18th January 2005
28 Studies on Large Deformations of Beams and Plates, using Classical Bending Elements
on 25th June 2004
27 Computation of finite strain using normalized centre-to-centre method from thin sections of rocks
on 14th June 2004
26 An Implementation of FTP using Random Key Generation Algorithm
on 11th June 2004
25 Analysis of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
on 21st May 2004
24 An Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography
on 19th May 2004
23 Study of Cryptanalytic Attacks on Neural Cryptography
on 17th May 2004
22 FTP Bounce Attack Intrusion Detection System
on 17th May 2004
21 Software Tool for Visualization of Cyclone Tracks 3.0
on 7th April 2004
20 A Mesoscale Model Configuration for Simulation of Tropical Cyclones
on 7th April 2004
19 3D Inverse on GPS Data
on 26th March 2004
18 Error Analysis on Satellite Data
on 26th March 2004
17 Linux Base GUI for AGCM
on 9th March 2004
16 Intraseasonal and Interannual Climate Variability over Southern Africa
on 4th March 2004
15 Climate Modelling with FMS / MOM 4
on 25th February 2004
14 Projection Theorem: A New Eye to FEM
on 14th January 2004
13 Parallelization of the GCM
on 8th January 2004
12 Variational Correctness and Timoshenko Beam Finite Element Elastodynamics
on 22nd December 2003
11 Visualization of Cyclone Tracks
on 17th November 2003
10 Temporal Scale Interaction and Monsoon Variability, - By Dr P Gowsami
on 26th September 2003
9 Relationship between Surface Wind, SST and Simulated Sub-Surface Tempreture
in the Tropics
, - By P Rajeevn
on 25th September 2003
8 Impact of Vegetation on Siol Moisture Variability, - By S Himesh
on 25th September 2003
7 Organisation of Dynamics and Monsoon Variability, - By Dr G K Patra
on 16th September 2003
6 Evaluation of Bay of Bengal Cyclones in GCM, - By Achintya Mandal
on 16th September 2003
5 Personal Call System
on 12th June 2003
4 Security Enhancement For Communication Over Network using Random Key Generation Algorithm
on 12th June 2003
3 Three Dimension Position Accuracy using GPS Data
on 12th June 2003
2 Implementation of Parallelisation for a complex simulation code
on 4th June 2003
1 Mantle Dynamics and Indian Monsoon
on 31st October 2002